About Huma Kopi Art & Gallery Indonesia

Art Gallery Huma Kopi Indonesia was founded in 2017. Its core business is Indonesian Art Work.


Huma Kopi Art & Gallery Indonesia develops artistic paintings, Indonesian sculptures and statues.


  • Putting forward professionalism and artwork in order to obtain quality service.
  • Developing collaboration and partnership in order to obtain mutual benefit with the involved artists
  • Developing Art Design to achieve valuable products.

Be one not number one. We are not the best but we strive to be in order to constitute our responsibility for art work.

Our Product

Artistic Paintings.

Paintings on canvas media,jute,blankets, wood, etc., using oil paint, acrylic, pastel on paper, water paints and others.

Statues made of wood,rock,precious metals and bronze.

Wood statues exclusively crafted by Asmat and Dani tribes in Papua, the ones created by Dayak tribes in Kalimantan as well as those produced by other tribes, reliefs made of rock and clay, metal statues made of bronze, silver and gold.

Earthenware, Ceramics

Jars, flower vases, plates made of clay and ceramic, either produced locally or imported from China, etc.

Means of Exchange made of Metal

Means of exchange in the forms of gold, silver and bronze coins used as payment or status ranks during the imperial era, as well as banner sembedded in art work.

Art Collection


"Artistic Paintings that Deserve a Place in your collection"